About Us

SiteWorthChecker.com is a free tool that helps you to estimate the worth of a website. Our unique algorithm will calculate and estimate a website's daily income, daily visitors, pagerank, and traffic details. Just enter the URL and you'll get an instant overview of the value of the site and other important statistics including Alexa Rank, backlinks, meta description, server IP, rank graphs fetched in real-time, server location by map and DMOZ listing.

It's not an exact science, but it does give you a good picture of estimated worth, how many daily visitors and ad revenue a website has. It can be used for numerous purposes, especially when doing research. Advertisers can get an estimate of how many daily visitors a site has before buying ad space. If you want to buy a website or domain, SiteWorthChecker.com can give you a good overview about a website worth before contacting the owner. SiteWorthChecker.com is also good for comparing websites or just plain curiousity.Among the estimation it will show precise information available for a domain.


DISCLAIMER: This site should be used for research and entertainment purposes only. Estimated website values provided on this site may not accurately reflect real world value.